In April 2013 the Indigenous Chamber launched its Seven Point Reform Agenda for commercial activities and economic growth in indigenous communities and prosperity for indigenous people. This Agenda has been developed with the benefit of our Board and Business Advisory Group’s decades worth of combined real experience in Indigenous communities and the private sector.

Seven Point Reform Agenda

1. Jobs

Creation of REAL jobs as a result of commercial activities with Indigenous people being trained and job ready and on-boarded to a specific job at the end of their training.

2. Regulatory reform

Remove barriers to private asset ownership and commerce to create an environment for commercial and economic growth.

3. Private ownership

The economies of Indigenous communities are driven by private enterprise and private asset ownership. Indigenous people participate fully in Australia’s free market commercial system through real jobs in the non-government sector and through commercial activities.

4. Investment

Create an environment that will enable and foster investment and flow of capital into Indigenous communities.

5. Infrastructure

Invest in social and physical infrastructure within Indigenous communities, including by the community members themselves.

6. Sustainability

Economic sustainability – build structures and systems that will endure, enabling communities to thrive for the long term without disproportionate reliance on government or other external support.

7. Desegregation

Engagement by indigenous people and communities in the mainstream Australian and global economy.