Step out of the cage

Two mindsets are battling for the hearts and minds of Aboriginal people. One of victimhood that focuses on the wrongs of the past and racism. The other that we can decide our own path.

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Indigenous Australians mean business

Business isn’t about abandoning culture. It’s about expanding our cultures. Embracing new things and making them our own. People who say business means assimilation perpetuate the myth of the noble savage. [Read more…]

Get the priorities right

There’s a complete disconnect between the national public dialogue on Indigenous affairs and the priorities of most Indigenous Australians. [Read more…]

Greens ignore Indigenous despair

Atrocities in remote Aboriginal communities aren’t the dark past of history. It’s here and now and a national shame. Politicians should stop making excuses and take action.

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We don’t need Constitutional recognition

Treaties are a grassroots proposal and can be implemented without a referendum. I’m calling time on 10 years of discussion on Constitutional recognition. We don’t need it. [Read more…]

Labor letting its Indigenous legacy die

Labor’s greatest ever achievement for Aboriginal people was passing the Native Title Act in 1993. Not passing these amendments means it may as well not have bothered. Labor is allowing its own legacy to curl up and die. [Read more…]

Activists are the new colonial oppressors

The real colonial ­oppressors are the activists, supported by European & American funders, who have all the privileges of the modern world but would deny Indigenous people using their land as an economic asset. [Read more…]

Children’s interests must always come first

In the future another generation of Indigenous people will deserve an apology from government, not for removing them but for failing to protect them. [Read more…]

Forge a new path

Government attempts at Indigenous economic development are bogged down in a government dependency mindset. It’s time to forge a new path based on economic participation.   [Read more…]

Only economic prosperity will close the health gap

The reason too many Indigenous people live in poverty is because too many Indigenous people don’t participate in the real economy.
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