Meanjin, the precious petals and the sorry-sorry people

I’m sick and tired of precious petals complaining about racism and the self-flagellation of the sorry-sorry people.  [Read more…]

How work for the dole is working

There are misleading, nonsensical and outright false claims regarding the CDP. The government’s reforms are increasing the role of CDP to drive economic participation in remote Indigenous communities.  [Read more…]

Culture, critical thinking and choice

We can no longer just listen to the opinion of one Aboriginal person or persons of Aboriginal descent from somewhere in Sydney or any southern city and apply that to the circumstances of all Aboriginal people.
[Read more…]

Break the cycle

The most important factor in improving Indigenous health is economic participation – getting adults into work and kids into school.
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FIFO activists do nothing for Aboriginal people

The Green movement isn’t about conservation or environmental protection. It’s far left ideology that uses lies, bullying and deep pockets to opposes all development. An ideology completely at odds with Australia’s regions who are crying out for jobs & businesses opportunities. [Read more…]

It’s the economy, stupid.

The problem for remote Indigenous communities isn’t remoteness. It’s lack of economic participation by the people who live in them. Social breakdown is inevitable when families don’t participate in the real economy for generations, whether their community has 300 or 3 million people.  [Read more…]

Picking winners? Smothering in red tape

The Commonwealth government should be commended for putting a great framework for Indigenous business in place. The framework will only deliver if funding reaches those it’s intended to help. [Read more…]


Politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, unionists, Indigenous leaders and parents should all be committed to ensuring Indigenous children attend school every day. They’re not. End the excuses and resistance or forget about closing the gap. [Read more…]

Closing the Gap at the crossroads

To make meaningful progress in closing the gap, it will mean taking a radical change from past approaches. Here are five disruptive ideas. [Read more…]

Enough with the excuses

I’ve come to the conclusion people who make excuses don’t want to close the gap. The status of Indigenous people as victims suits their nihilistic narrative. The gap exists because of low economic participation. Governments must unapologetically focus on economic participation through school attendance, jobs and business. [Read more…]