Warren Mundine’s speech to the Garma Festival 2013

Warren Mundine delivers a landmark speech to the 2013 Garma Festival in North East Arnhem Land.


This is a full copy of the speech:  Speech to Garma Festival

An edited copy appeared in the Weekend Australian on 10 August 2013

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  1. Andy Buttfield says:

    Helen Hughes and Noel Pearson lead the charge for 99-year housing leases on communally owned land. My sadness is that Helen did not live to see her great initiative to reality.

  2. Andy Buttfield says:

    I should have added:
    I wish Warren every success in implementing the many initiatives he has identified in his excellent speech.

  3. Mr Mundine’s four principles – governance, land ownership, social stability, and openness – sounds good and reasonable like all government policies. However, they are based upon the premise that aboriginal Australians enjoy the same standard of living as other Australians and just require some guidance on how to live the lives. These principles won’t work while aboriginal people continue to endure third world, inter-generational poverty the likes of which we see in Africa and other third world countries. The very first thing Australian governments must do is provide comprehensive, emergency medical services to all aboriginal communities for as long as it takes to get every single aboriginal man, woman and child healthy again, to the standard enjoyed by other Australians. Why? Because it is the present and past policies of Australian governments that created the poverty in the first instance. Only when aboriginal people are healthy can they make better informed and sound decisions. Mr Mundine is right in that aboriginal people are over governed. The only governance structure that will work for aboriginal people is a treaty. Over 40 years of Australian governments’ policies have made aboriginal poverty even worse. Give us our health back and give us our land back. We never gave up our well being or our sovereignty. It was the white man who took it away. We don’t want to live and die by the decisions of the white man anymore, we want to live and die by our own decisions. What Mr Mundine offers is just another ‘policy’ from Australian governments that protects the white man’s interests and keeps aboriginal people living in poverty.

  4. Manny Hegarty says:

    Warren, congratulations on your speach and to Mr Abbott for this foresight in policy change. Should Mr Abbott and the LNP be elected I look forward to supporting you and others in bringing about this postive policy direction for our people. As indicated this has to be a bipartisan agreement across all levels government/s, business and our people. Your speech resonated with what I’ve been trying to achieve for many years now. Let’s hope the ALP shares these initiatives also! We need a diffirent direction in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs for us to break out of this cycle!

  5. Was SO very sorry to read of the rascist taunts since your voting for Coalition Party ; am sure you are bigger that those who taunt , Mr. Mundine ….God’s blessings in your new phase of life’s choices ……….

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