Children’s interests must always come first

In the future another generation of Indigenous people will deserve an apology from government, not for removing them but for failing to protect them. [Read more…]

It has to stop. At the source

The UN says the world can’t afford to pay the price of violence against women. If ever this were true, it’s in Indigenous communities. They can’t afford this. Nor can Australia. [Read more…]

Out of sight, out of mind, out of control

Yaabubiin presents Jacinta Price, Muriel Bamblett AM, Antoinette Braybrook and Suzanne Ingram in a panel discussion on family violence in Indigenous families and communities moderated by ABC Radio’s Lindy Kerin. [Read more…]

We must stand up against Indigenous family violence

Four Corners’ expose on Don Dale Detention Centre triggered national outcry. Systemic violence against Indigenous women barely rates a mention.

[Read more…]

Social breakdown is the root cause of Don Dale abuse

If governments want fewer Don Dales, then take a tougher stand on school attendance, welfare to work and enabling real economies in Indigenous communities where enterprise can grow. [Read more…]

Double standards

Beware the intellectual trap that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and communities are somehow different from everybody else and the normal rules and expectations don’t apply. [Read more…]

Strong families needed for sustainable communities

Family is the core of safe and sustainable communities. Get families back on track and communities will follow. [Read more…]

Improving Indigenous employment in remote Australia

Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce speaks on the Budget and on employment in remote Australia [Read more…]

Indigenous justice requires pragmatism

We won’t solve indigenous crime and justice problems with isolated decisions or with ideology. With governments focussed on outcomes and what works we can deal with Indigenous crime & justice problems and save governments money. 

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Wedged between Failure as “Cultural” & the Black Cultural Cringe

We must not tolerate a narrative that failure is “cultural” and achievement is “white”.
As Indigenous people we should be able to aspire, achieve and be leaders in our own communities & society at large, free of bigotry & lateral racism. 

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