Activists are the new colonial oppressors

The real colonial ­oppressors are the activists, supported by European & American funders, who have all the privileges of the modern world but would deny Indigenous people using their land as an economic asset. [Read more…]

Indigenous people and the future minerals industry workforce

The questions and answers on the future workforce and economic development are the same for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. It’s not CSR. It’s business. [Read more…]

Disrupting Indigenous affairs

Disruptive innovation is not an optional extra when it comes to Indigenous affairs. [Read more…]

One Nation. Many Nations


Nyunggai Warren Mundine delivers the 7th annual Kevin Cook Lecture at the Yabun Festival 2015 [Read more…]

Creating Economies – The future of Aboriginal business in WA

Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce speaks on opportunities for Indigenous business [Read more…]

Congress Lowitja 2014 – The Future of Indigenous Health

It’s not about the size of the department or how many there are or whether we have a dedicated Minister for Indigenous Health. It’s about the outcomes for Indigenous people. [Read more…]

Myths and mythbusting

We need to stop being defensive about funding and start working with government to implement real change; stop being fixated on programs and start focussing on results in education, jobs, commercial activity & economic development. [Read more…]

Warren Mundine’s speech to the Garma Festival 2013

Warren Mundine delivers a landmark speech to the 2013 Garma Festival in North East Arnhem Land.

[Read more…]

Communities can take the initiative

Indigenous communities don’t need to wait for government to devolve responsibility to them. In many cases they can just take it. We also need  to correctly identify who the community is and who speaks for them. This doesn’t always happen.

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