It has to stop. At the source

The UN says the world can’t afford to pay the price of violence against women. If ever this were true, it’s in Indigenous communities. They can’t afford this. Nor can Australia. [Read more…]

The road to Utopia is paved with good intentions

Indigenous poverty doesn’t persist because of racism, “apartheid” or lack of government investment. It persists because we treat Indigenous communities like dependent children and smother them in a bureaucratic mire. Let’s start treating them like adults. [Read more…]

Congress Lowitja 2014 – The Future of Indigenous Health

It’s not about the size of the department or how many there are or whether we have a dedicated Minister for Indigenous Health. It’s about the outcomes for Indigenous people. [Read more…]

Baker IDI Central Australia Oration

Warren Mundine delivers The Baker IDI Central Australia Oration on 4th October 2013 in Alice Springs. [Read more…]