Indigenous Australians and the mining industry need each other

Indigenous people and the minerals industry actually want the same thing. We can sharpen our engagement model to achieve it. [Read more…]

Indigenous people and the future minerals industry workforce

The questions and answers on the future workforce and economic development are the same for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. It’s not CSR. It’s business. [Read more…]

Get the rules right

The Indigenous Advancement Policy needs critical refinements. The new government must move away from the mission manager mentality and fully embrace a genuine commercial framework. [Read more…]

Double standards

Beware the intellectual trap that Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and communities are somehow different from everybody else and the normal rules and expectations don’t apply. [Read more…]

Indigenous Accountants crucial for Indigenous futures

To build prosperity from the assets we’ve fought hard to obtain, our communities need people with financial expertise, who know how to manage, sustain and build wealth. We need accountants just as much as lawyers and doctors, if not more. [Read more…]

Flesh and Blood: Prosperity in a post-colonial world

If colonised peoples don’t participate in the modern economy; if we don’t take the best of what the world has to offer and make it part of our own way of doing things, we risk our survival as peoples.
[Read more…]

Privately owned, profit making enterprises the key to economic development

Indigenous procurement parity can spearhead a move from not-for profit, centrally controlled economies to individually owned, for-profit ventures. [Read more…]

Empower communities with skills and jobs

Commerce and economic development are the only way to close the gap and enable Indigenous communities and cultures to survive and thrive into the future.  [Read more…]

Defeat of the Wild Rivers legislation is a win for the Wik people

The greatest threat to Indigenous languages and culture and Indigenous peoples’ desire to live on country, is the inability to build a real economy.
[Read more…]

Creating Economies – The future of Aboriginal business in WA

Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce speaks on opportunities for Indigenous business [Read more…]