Alyawarr nation welcomes thrust of Forrest Report

Alyawarr people, in central Australia, have welcomed the self-reliance theme within Andrew Forrest’s report into Indigenous training and employment.

Richard Downs, spokesman for Apmer Aharreng-arenykenh Aknganenty, welcomed the recognition within the report of the importance of local decision making and cultural authority to set and enforce norms. He called on the Commonwealth Government to negotiate governance arrangements with the Alyawarr nation around these principles.

“Andrew Forrest’s report has a lot of great points we want to discuss with Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion and Adviser, Warren Mundine. We urge Minister Scullion to listen to Yolungu and Alyawarr leaders.”

Read the full statement here: Alyawarr media release

Alyawarr homeland community Ampilatwatja was the location for John Pilger’s film Utopia.



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