Talking with Indigenous Youth Leadership Program students about Networking

23 June 2014

The Indigenous Youth Leadership Program provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with scholarships at high performing secondary schools and/or university. The program focusses on youth from remote and regional communities.

The program also gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through practical leadership experiences, personal development and mentoring. This week students are attending a 2 day leadership program covering a range of topics.

Elizabeth Henderson, Director of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, presented to students from the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program on the topic of “Networking 101”.


Elizabeth told students that “Networking 101” is like riding a bike – it looks hard but it doesn’t take long to learn and once you figure it out it’s easy and fun.

She also assured them they already have all the skills they need to make connections. In fact, they’ve been making connections since they were born.

Elizabeth shared her stories and experiences working in the corporate sector and talked about how networks are developed and how they can be valuable.

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