Second Roundtable Discussion – Governance in Indigenous Communities

Last week the Chamber hosted its second Roundtable Discussion on the topic of Governance in Indigenous communities.

Many thanks to the Roundtable participants – Parry Agius, Josephine Cashman, Eddie Cubillo, Shane Duffy, Danny Gilbert AM, Mick Gooda, Sean Gordon, Hema Hariharan, Matilda House, Nolan Hunter, Jeff Jenkins, Errol Neal, Caity McLoughlin , Kirstie Parker, James Rose, Mel Stutsel, Benson Sualo and Brian Wyatt – and to our Chamber directors in attendance – Nyunggai Warren Mundine, Sheila McGregor and Elizabeth Henderson.

Many thanks also to our Event Partners Gilbert + Tobin.

The Chamber will be hosting a series of Roundtable Discussions on the four principles outlined in Nyunggai Warren Mundine’s speech at the Garma Festival this year – Governance, Land Ownership, Social Stability and Openness. The Roundtable Discussions bring together people from a broad range of expertise, experiences and opinion to discuss the ideas in the speech with open, robust & constructive discussion and also to  bring people together who are actively engaged in working on these issues.

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Wedged between Failure as “Cultural” & the Black Cultural Cringe

We must not tolerate a narrative that failure is “cultural” and achievement is “white”.
As Indigenous people we should be able to aspire, achieve and be leaders in our own communities & society at large, free of bigotry & lateral racism. 

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Baker IDI Central Australia Oration

Warren Mundine delivers The Baker IDI Central Australia Oration on 4th October 2013 in Alice Springs. [Read more…]

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