Communities can take the initiative

Indigenous communities don’t need to wait for government to devolve responsibility to them. In many cases they can just take it. We also need  to correctly identify who the community is and who speaks for them. This doesn’t always happen.

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AIME Annual Report – real outcomes in Indigenous education

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) has released its 2012 Annual Report and the results show real, measurable outcomes and improvements in Indigenous education.

Including a 31% successful transition from Year 12 to university, approaching the national average of 46% for non-Indigenous students and a 94% successful transition from Year 10 to Year 11 (the historical “drop-out” stage for high school student), slightly above the national average of 93% for non-Indigenous students. Other transition rates continue to demonstrate year-on-year improvement.

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Indigenous communities can take control of their own affairs


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Indigenous Chamber welcomes High Court decision on alcohol management plans

The Indigenous Chamber welcomes this week’s High Court decision upholding alcohol management plans in Indigneous communities. Communities will never have economic development unless the necessary conditions for investment exist.

These include a capable & ready workforce and good governance. If a community is dysfunctional because of alcohol then no one will want to do business there
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Warren Mundine to deliver landmark speech to 2013 Garma Festival Corporate Dinner.

Hosted by the Yothu Yindi Foundation, Garma Festival is the pre-eminent festival and conference in Australia covering culture,  policy, economic development & business in and for Indigenous communities. [Read more…]

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