• Imagine…

    Politicians, bureaucrats, teachers, unionists, Indigenous leaders and parents should all be committed to ensuring Indigenous children attend school every day. They’re not. End the excuses and resistance or forget about closing the gap.

  • Closing the Gap at the crossroads

    To make meaningful progress in closing the gap, it will mean taking a radical change from past approaches. Here are five disruptive ideas.

    Closing the Gap at the crossroads
  • Enough with the excuses

    I’ve come to the conclusion people who make excuses don’t want to close the gap. The status of Indigenous people as victims suits their nihilistic narrative. The gap exists because of low economic participation. Governments must unapologetically focus on economic participation through school attendance, jobs and business.

    Enough with the excuses
  • Step out of the cage

    Two mindsets are battling for the hearts and minds of Aboriginal people. One of victimhood that focuses on the wrongs of the past and racism. The other that we can decide our own path.

    Step out of the cage

Indigenous prosperity through commerce and private enterprise